The management of public resources allocated to research and the axiological dimension of the supply chain performance

di Raffaele Picaro – Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli


The observation spectrum reserved to the present survey originates from the need to analyze the process adopted by Public Administration in financing granting of supervised research institutions. The picture that emerges denotes the particular complexity of the management of procedures of public funding sources earmarked for research institutions, which cause recurring non-alignments in the definition of the activities described in the corresponding detail plans, with the consequent result of significant balance sheet residues formation. The in-depth study of the topic is therefore naturally linked to the action of the Public Administration, in the intent of checking the degree of incidence, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, of the policies and services altogether dispensed. Right in this frame the system chain performance potential is to be correctly gathered, as an instrument capable to catch the value incremental chain in the progressive combining of different bodies contributing to the overall mission of the Public Administration.

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